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Mobile marketing is booming. Everyone running traffic in this space should have these basic tools and scripts at hand.


Mobile detection

A must have tool when dealing with mobile landing pages. Personalize your landers by calling the user mobile phone/tablet handset, web browser or OS to increase the conversion rate.

mobile js

Mobile vibration

This is one of the most powerful and dangerous tool on AffKit. This tool uses the latest HTML5 API and makes the mobile phone vibrate 2 times at a duration and delay set by you.

mobile js

Back button redirect

A very profitable trick used by top mobile marketers. Most users will hit the back button after landing on your mobile page. When this happens you can persuade them by redirecting to a second offer/page.

mobile js

100% working scripts

Must-have scripts for any affiliate marketer. There is no coding knowledge required to implement them. The interface allows you to easily configure and put them up on your page in no time.


Exit popup script

The Exit Pop-Up script helps you get the most of your traffic, re-engaging the users that want to leave your website/landing page. Easily configurable, you won't need any code editing for implementation.

script javascript

Geo location

The Geo-location script is one of the tricks that super-affiliates use in their Landing Pages. Why? Because it boosts the CR by personalizing the offer and making it more appealing to the user.

script javascript

Dynamic elements

This tiny tool will allows you to apply 22 animation effects to your landing page. Besides making your lander more attractive, you can apply some attention grabbing effects to your Call to Action element to get a high increase in CTR.

script javascript css3

Geo redirection

If you are dealing with international traffic, this Geo redirection script is a must.This will help you redirect the visitors to specific offers that are available in their countries based on IP geo-location.

script php

Urgency countdown timer

If you want to increase the conversion rate of your landing page this countdown timer script is the way to go. This works by creating a sense of urgency and forces the user to take action without overthinking it.

script javascript

Date and time

Put up on your website or landing page the current date and/or time of the visitor. It works for relative dates(like 3 days from today) and comes with 9 date and time formats you can choose from.

script javascript

Email related tools

If you are doing Email marketing or just grabbing someone's email from a landing page, these tools are a must.


Email integration tool

The easiest and fastest way to integrate Mailchimp or AWeber into a landing page. In a few seconds your squeeze page will be able to capture emails and start building your list.

email tool

Squeeze page on fb fan page

One of the cheapest and most effective way to build an email list is by using Fan Pages. Use this awesome tool to add ANY squeeze page to your Facebook fan page and drive visitors to it, either existing fans or from Facebook Ads.

Upcoming...working hard on it. Stay tuned!

Image related tools

Extremely useful tools for affiliates working with banners and other creatives. No more headaches with Photoshop for simple and batch mode tasks. If you do Facebook/PoF PPC or Media buys you already know how important these tools are.


Image resizer and cropper

Use this tool to quickly prepare your banners, cropping and resizing a batch of images in the minimum time possible, faster than any image editing software. It saves you tons of hours of work.

tool batch image

Banner tweaker

Increases your banner CTR by applying 10 different image effects to the image, making it more eye-catching. This tool was brought by CrazyCTR, a more advanced tool for banner optimization

tool batch image

Glossy image

The Glossy image tool gives a fancy, 3d glossy look to your images/banners. You can make your images look more stylish and more "clickable" due to the cool and attractive look, in just a few seconds.

tool batch image

Image overlay

This tool allows you to put an image(overlay) over one or a batch of images at specified coordinates. You can apply badges, signs, logos, over your banners in the quickest and simple way possible.

tool batch image

Image finder

The Image finder tool gives you the ability to search for images in 15 different image sources. You type the search terms and it will search for the images on the selected source.

tool search image

Useful calculators

Different types of estimative or exact calculators about your CPA campaigns profitability, ROI, budget, cashflow and other important variables you should not overlook.


Cpa break even calculator

Very handy calculator that gives you an idea of what CPC and CR you should aim for to make the campaign profitable, including how much you need to spend, based on different variables, to break-even.

tool calculator

When to cut landers

A very useful tool that will show you which landers you need to cut or let them run(or which is the winner lander), based on statistical data using Bayesian statistic algorithms.

tool calculator


Affiliate guides, tutorials,lists, links or other information presented in an easy-to-read format.


Complete aff networks list

A comprehensive list of most important Affiliate Networks with skype, phone and other details like minimum payment, frequency or supported payment types.


Other tools

Other type of affiliate tools that you will find useful for your affiliate marketing business.


Offer iframer

Use direct linking where affiliate links are not allowed, like Facebook. Iframe the direct offer page entirely with this iframing tool so it will look like the advertiser landing page is yours, with your own URL address.

tool other

Landing page protection

Anyone who is using landing pages should use this to protect their campaigns. This smart tool will help you drive traffic from the thief without him knowing that. It also uses some extra protection like HTML encryption or Right Click blocking.

tool other security

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