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Guaranteed to work, always updated, top quality essentials. Easy to work and packed with features that make you more money.

  • Image resizer and cropper

    Full browser based image resize and cropping tool.

  • Image overlay

    Overlay images on any creatives or banners.

  • Banner tweaker

    Improve the click through rate of your creatives.

  • Image finder

    Search through multiple image directories.

  • Glossy image

    Apply a glossy effect to any button or creative.

  • Exit intent popup

    Display a pop up window with your custom design.

  • Geo redirection

    Redirect traffic based on their location.

  • Geo location

    Call out and detect a users geographic location.

  • Urgency timer

    Countdown to a specific time to increase urgency.

  • Break even calculator

    Calculate many campaign metrics and statistics.

  • Email integration tool

    Integrate email forms at the click of a button.

  • Offer iframer

    iFrame other pages and offers on your own URL.

  • Landing page protection

    Protect your landing page and profit from thieves.

  • Dynamic elements

    Add effects to any element on your landing page.

  • Date and time

    Display a date and time in multiple formats.

  • Mobile detection

    Automatically detect mobile devices and tablets.

  • Back button redirect

    Redirect user to specific location on back action.

  • Mobile vibration

    Vibrate users phone when landing on your page.

  • When to cut landers

    Calculate when to cut and remove a landing page.

  • Sporadic timer

    Sporadicly count up or down to any given number.

  • Lander sounds

    Play sounds when a user lands on page.


With 7+ years of experience in the CPA industry, I can say that having the right tools is absolutely essential to succeed in this business. And AffKit has everything you need

William Souza

I have used the scripts on AffKit on many of my top preforming landing pages and by adding these scripts I have some times increased my campaign ROI (return on investment) by up-to 25%.

Taiwo Balogun

I've been using the back button redirect on my landing pages and it's been performing really well. Give it a try and decrease your bounce rate and increase your session times!

Luke Kling


Why should I get a membership?

As an member of affkit you’ll get all of our new releases, updates and latest tools. You’ll also receive unlimited expert support for any issue you may have using the tools.

How can I benefit from using AffKit?

AffKit is a collection of tools built by experienced affiliate marketers in order to improve their landing page and website conversions therefore resulting in more profit.

Do you have a trial?

Sorry, we don’t currently have a trial as we believe in our tools and thousands agree with us, however if they’re not for you, you can request a refund within 24 hours.

What happens if I cancel?

Every tool at AffKit is 100% general public license so you can cancel your membership at any time and carry on using the tools on as many pages for as long as you like.

Do you have a limited site license?

No, you can use affkit tools on as many sites and pages as you like. We’re 100|% global public license so you can even customise and share our work.

Can I buy a single tool?

No. We are dedicated to providing the complete solution for our members by giving them the whole arsenal of tools you need to build high converting campaigns.